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The State of Jharkhand is endowed with immense bio-diversity, moderate climate, rich cultural and historical heritage, religious places of worship and ethnic aspects to make the State the ultimate destination for tourists. The State Government has a firm belief that development of tourism sector would not only generate immense employment opportunities directly or indirectly  but also would contribute in accelerated economic development. This would not only ensure showcasing of rich traditional and cultural heritage of the State but also would have cascading effect in development of other sectors. Rightfully, the State Government has accorded TOURISM THE STATUS OF INDUSTRY in Jharkhand. It is felt that to ensure rapid development in tourism sector, there is a need to develIt is felt that to ensure rapid development in tourism sector, there is a need to develop tourist circuits and destinations providing various amenities. both way-side and at different destination points, supporting the tourists by providing conveyance, lodging and other pre-requisites.

Involvement of private sector, villagers and other stake holders as partners in promotion and development of tourism industry of the State is an important and critical aspect, which would go a long way in maintenance, upkeep and sustenance of the assets and facilities created in this regard for a long time. Making the people of the State, Nation and the World aware of the rich endowments of nature, its cultural heritage, spiritual places and other traditions are essential impediments for boosting tourism industry in the State. An outlay of Rs. 160 crores has been provided for continuing and new schemes in 2007-08. All proposed schemes are to be completed in the stipulated time.

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